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About us

Bianca Madison-Vuleta

Bianca has studied a variety of natural and complementary medical approaches with many of the world's leading experts, and has a private practice in London & Oxfordshire in collaboration with an Integrative Physician. She has recently furthered her education with a PhD hc and Lifestyle Medicine training at Harvard Medical School.

Well-travelled, cultured, dedicated, creative, responsible, flexible team player, with extensive knowledge and experience in holistic medicine. Lectures extensively on various aspects of complementary, alternative and naturopathic medicine, including presenting at Silicon Valley Health Institute, CA. Currently fulfilling a long-held ambition of writing a book on health and rejuvenation. As the UK’s leading health and wellness practitioner, is committed to raising public awareness of the holistic and natural life style modifications. 


Commands immense authority and respect in the field as the Complementary Medical Association’s nutrition expert and representative at the UK All Party Parliamentary Group for Integrated and Complementary Healthcare. She has been appointed a Fellow of the CMA (The CMA is the world’s largest professional membership body), Aswel as a Fellow the Royal Society of Medicine. She is the founder and co-chair of the British Society for Lifestyle Medicine (

Specializes in preventative healthcare, life optimization coaching, neuroscience coaching, mind-body health strategies, anti-ageing medicine, emotional health, stress and weight management, as well as corporate wellness.

A growing reputation for cutting edge knowledge, dedication and professionalism in the field, has led to an expanding local, international and celebrity client base. Each client is assured a one-to-one consultation with a detailed assessment of medical history, live blood status, constitution, fitness, lifestyle, mental and emotional state, and spiritual awareness. Utilizing a variety of therapies, the goal is to restore balance to these areas and help ensure and maintain vibrant health.

Bespoke lifestyle and dietary recommendations, delicious nutritious meal plans, together with superfoods, effective, selective supplementation, follow-up support and coaching all contribute to help the client achieve peak health.

Utilizes skills as a highly-qualified hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner, psychotherapist and counsellor, to help clients face and overcome emotional and psychological challenges such as relationship problems, stress, career issues, bereavement, and lack of self-esteem.  

Extensive training in Clinical Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) sparked keen interest in the field, and the need to raise awareness of the role complementary and holistic therapies can play in the synergy between the mind and the nervous, endocrine and immune systems.

Possesses extensive training and experience in ecological matters and sustainable living, and works with dedication to promote greener and more sustainable lifestyles and overall planetary health.

Dr Grant Pearson

Dr Pearson is a medically qualified doctor who has 20 years experience working within the medical and complementary healthcare fields where he incorporates an integrated, holistic, transformative and individualised approach to a client’s healthcare and health needs with an orthodox doctor's knowledge, understanding and experience.

His broad and extensive range of knowledge and experience allows him to give a broad overview of the different types of approaches to various health issues and challenges that may benefit from a combined approach, using the most appropriate conventional medical, complementary and holistic healthcare models.
This can provide invaluable perspective and insight that can help give clients the best options in dealing with a particular healthcare issue or condition, and help them construct an appropriate plan and strategy, as well as help them take the necessary steps needed for their recovery.This also allows for the client’s facilitation between the various orthodox medical, complementary & holistic therapeutic modalities and environments, through acting as their advocate, coach, and where appropriate their case manager, on their path back to health.


Mirela is a highly trained and certified holistic therapist with over 15 years of international practice. She has practised in Mayfair, Harley Street, Bloomsbury and Islington, Canonbury

Her passion for health, beauty and anti ageing industry is evident in her constant pursuit for excellence and maintenance of the highest professional standards. Mirela's expertise has been featured on the BBC, in The Sunday Times, The Today's Therapist and Women’s Fitness to name a few.

Fellow, The Complementary Medical Association 

​Zest4Life accredited Health Coach​

Fellow, The Royal Society of Medicine
The Nutrition Society
British Holistic Medical Association (BHMA)
American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M)
The European Coaching Institute (ECI)
Wholistic Nutritional Medicine Society
The Institute for Complementary and Natural Medicine (CNM)
National Council for Hypnotherapy 
The Society of Stress Managers
Ecopsychology UK
UK Raw food network 

Harvard Medical School

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