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Anti-Ageing Coaching

More of us are living longer than human beings have ever lived before. Our life expectancy is increasing and, barring unforeseen circumstances, most of us can expect to live into ripe old age. How long and how well will you live?

We will help you to understand your health care decisions in terms of one thing that really matters: your biological age, as opposed to your chronological age.

 Although your chronological age is fixed, your biological age can be years younger or older than what your date of birth dictates.

How you look after yourself - your diet, lifestyle, supplementation, environment, mental and emotional health, stress levels and genes - all have a bearing on your biological age.

With the latest, world-class, cutting- edge information and youth promoting therapies and techniques at our fingertips,we will asses your current biological age and create an easy to implement, practical, fun and achievable programme which will take you on the road to self esteem, glowing health, increased energy levels, vitality and happiness you haven't felt for years.


Clinical Hypnotherapy

Is your life compromised by stress, phobias, panic attacks, obsessive behaviour, traumas, emotional concerns, lack of motivation, procrastination, smoking or excessive weight? Clinical hypnotherapy is a natural and powerful therapy that enables effective and lasting change for resolving a vast variety of problems.

Once appropriate and realistic goals have been established, we will teach you how to access a state of calm where you remain fully in control and are able to dip into a world of complete physical and emotional relaxation. We will then introduce life changing, positive suggestions which will work on your subconscious mind and help create inner motivation to affect a positive change in your life.

Your subconscious mind controls your body's functioning and wellbeing. Under hypnosis, we will re programme your body and mind towards health.

Hypnotherapy is a scientifically proven, powerful and long lasting tool for change and will leave you with a number of beneficial techniques to empower you in all areas of your life.

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Corporate Wellness Coaching

Our aim is to provide, manage and facilitate corporate wellness programmes, create a wellness culture in a company and promote health to reduce company costs and improve overall morale of the organisation.

Corporate wellness

Clinical PNI


When your mind and body interact various conditions can often result in stress, chronic illness, underperformance etc. PNI explains scientifically how stress, thoughts, beliefs and emotional states can have a detrimental impact at the cellular level on the immune, nervous and hormonal systems. 

A highly individualised, multi-disciplinary therapeutic programme, which provides the means to resolve a variety of your health issues, increased choices, changed behaviours, emotions and outcomes in life will be created and worked through, step by step, at your own manageable pace.

Our clients are assisted and encouraged to take personal responsibility for their health and well-being by focusing on breaking through any limitations in their personal and professional lives. 

Clinical PNI

Ecological Lifestyle Coaching

Our passion for individual as well as planetary wellbeing is truly infectious. 
If you are interested in minimising your impact on the world around you, we will guide you towards some effective and simple strategies for making a difference in every part of your life - from reducing energy waste in your home and cutting reliance on your car, to going green in your garden and at home.
You will get excited about reducing your ecological footprint and become greener for the good of the planet and its people.
You will  be taught how  to become enthusiastic about living in a "greener" house, learn about the dangers of using some common bathroom, kitchen and personal care products and be pointed  in the direction of healthier and ecologically sounder alternatives in order to  start wasting less and disposing of your waste ecologically.
You will also learn how to start implementing ideas for a greener and healthier working environment, choose your transport more wisely, cut down on your energy and water consumption, become an eco-tourist, and some simple and effective green actions will be designed for the whole family.
Living a green lifestyle keeps the doctor away and it starts from your plate when you choose to eat organic, locally grown foods. It also helps you to leave a healthier legacy for the future generations.

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As a passionate ecopsychologist, Bianca will explore with you how to forge meaningful links and bonds with nature. Nature viewed and embraced, without judgment, gives one sensations of harmony, relaxation, inner balance, timelessness and stability.
Together we will explore your relationships with the larger natural world and yourself as part of that world. Some of the questions asked will be:
How can you experience and nurture all relationships, allowing them to shape your desires, intentions and behaviours?
How can you strengthen your sense of inner being with a tapestry of life which at times feels remote?
You will attain a much deeper understanding of yourself and the transformative capacity of nature by regaining your ability to relax and recharge your batteries, away from daily stresses and pressure. Psychological and emotional wellbeing will be enhanced and improved as a direct result of developing this ability.


Food Intolerance Testing and Coaching (Lorisian Laboratory)

Testing your IgG antibody reactions to 75 or 150 food ingredients.

Would you like to find out what foods are contributing to your symptoms and making you feel ill? Bianca uses Lorisian Food Intolerance Tests to take your blood sample and has it tested for food specific IgG antibody reactions. You will discover the foods you are reacting to which should then be eliminated from your diet.


Although reactions to foods may not be life threatening, they can make the sufferer feel extremely unwell and may have an impact on your work and social life. Intolerance to a particular food will not always cause symptoms immediately, often taking from a few hours to a few days to show up.

Lorisian has over 30 years of experience in the field of diagnostic testing. Lorisian from YorkTest specialises in providing hospital standard laboratory tests that can help you to optimise your diet, as well as trying to help alleviate any symptoms that you may have.

Tests Available Lorisian | 75 Analyses your IgG antibody reaction to 75 food ingredients Lorisian | 100 Analyses your IgG antibody reaction to 100 food ingredients Lorisian | 150plus Analyses your IgG antibody reaction to over 150 food ingredients Lorisian 150plus | IBS Support Analyses your IgG antibody reaction to over 150 food ingredients and provides a personalised list of low FODMAP foods.

Food Psychology Coaching

Food psychology is the newest evolution in Life coaching.
It is a practical, down-to-earth approach that focuses not so much on what you eat but on how your nutritional status and metabolic wellness is influenced by stress, relaxation, thoughts, feelings, beliefs, eating rhythm, pleasure, culture etc.

The healing focus of this approach is on stress psychology, dealing with willpower issues, healing negative body image, overcoming over eating, binge eating and compulsive eating.
You will learn tools and techniques that will enable you to make a real, sustainable and meaningful difference with your weight issues and will help you to overcome compulsive and fear driven eating, stressful eating, fitness, chronic dieting, digestive disorders, fatigue,mood issues , chemical toxicity, food allergies etc.
You will be given some simple, easy to implement psychophysiological exercises and breathing tools to help you overcome self imposed dietary imbalances and re- direct self sabotaging food behaviours.

Food Psychology coaching

Live and raw food preparation coaching

If you are interested in raw food lifestyle and all the amazing health benefits it can bring. As a trained raw food chef, Bianca will guide you and offer you inspiration, motivation and practical advice, including on setting up raw food kitchen, recipes, menus etc.
Live and raw food area is riddled with conflicting information and can be very challenging to understand, implement and maintain. She will answer all your questions and will be your guide on your journey towards a cleaner and more energetic life.

Apart from the nutritional aspects, following the raw food lifestyle can involve internal, emotional and psychological shifts.
As a skilled and experienced health coach, Bianca will help you overcome any challenges and embrace this rewarding and profound new lifestyle.

Live & raw food coaching

Neuroscience Coaching

The brain is the greatest technology on the planet. It is the control centre for everything you do and don't do. Your brain controls your eating patterns and habits, financial decisions, emotions, empathy, compassion, creative processes and more.

Therefore, the more you understand how your brain works, the better your life will be and those your serve. The brain is the seat of your mindset. The mindset contains your unconscious beliefs and thoughts patterns that influence your decisions and behavioural patterns.

Mindset is 90% of success. Therefore, you can learn to confront and overcome the mental resistance that is holding you back from behavioural changes, habits and achieving your full potential.


Neuroscience based coaching supports you by encouraging and facilitating your powerful and long lasting neural changes.

Neuroscience coaching

Nutritional Therapy

As a highly trained and experienced Nutritional Therapist Bianca specialises in advanced preventative and anti-ageing medicine, weight loss and chronic medical conditions.

A full assessment of your overall health and nutritional status, which includes your constitution, fitness level, lifestyle, mental outlook, emotional state and spiritual awareness. By bringing all these areas into balance, vibrant health can be restored and maintained. Individually prescribed dietary and lifestyle changes are recommended and a full follow-up support provided.

The first step towards reaching the optimum health and fitness level is  resolving bio-chemical imbalances in the body with an individually tailored eating plan that can be applied to all areas of your life and, most of all, one that is delicious and enjoyable!
You will learn how to fully nourish your mind and your body.

The results will astonish you!

You will have more energy, your level of fitness will improve, you will achieve and maintain your ideal weight, as well as more motivation, pain control, improved memory, focused mind and balanced emotions..

Benefits of improved nutrition:

-  Weight loss

- Increased energy levels

- Better digestion, absorption and elimination of food

- Stronger immune system

- Look and feel younger

- Lower blood pressure

- Improved mood

- Increased concentration

nutritional therapy

Neuro Linguistic Programming

The theory of NLP in based on three layers of understanding:

NEURO - establishing our individual mental map of the world
LINGUISTIC - how we assign personal meaning to information
PROGRAMMING - our behavioural response to the former.

We will use this powerful form of brief psychotherapy that taps into your subconscious mind, breaks destructive behavioural patterns and enables transformation to take place in your life.

NLP is a highly effective, proven technology that fosters self awareness and personal growth. As we make sense of our world, interpreting our experiences, we create our own models of reality. We operate in the world on the basis of our models, rather than on reality itself. We begin to implicitly presuppose things and act accordingly. NLP facilitates a greater understanding of yourself and your world, to know who you are and to have a sense of purpose, drive and direction.

Whether you wish to enhance your performance or resolve and leave behind your old issues, NLP sessions can be profoundly helpful and life changing. Your own unique treatment protocol will be tailored to your own individual requirements which will be continually re-evaluated in the light of your improved state of being.

Neuro Linguistic Program

Naturopathy & Lifestyle Medicine

Naturopathic medicine is highly effective for the reversal of ageing, boosting the immune system and alleviating many acute and chronic physical and mental conditions.
At the heart of naturopathy is a respect for the natural ability of the body to heal itself, given appropriate dietary, environmental and emotional conditions.
Bianca will identify and correct the underlying causes of illness, rather than focusing purely on the symptoms. Techniques used include herbal medicine, breath work, fitness and exercise programmes, nutrition, supplementation, flower essences, juicing, bodywork, aromatherapy etc. 

Naturopathy & lifestyle med

Psychotherapy & Counselling

These therapies offer an opportunity to discover a way forward from any difficult or painful point in your life.

Working with an experienced, talented and compassionate therapist, skilled in a wide range of methods and techniques who provides the space to express and release your feelings, will increase your confidence and enable you to work through challenging situations, life crisis and the times of change.

Our work may be long or short term, and is structured within a gentle, supportive environment.

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Relationships & Couples Counselling

As a skilful and compassionate counsellor and coach, Bianca works with couples and individuals in order to help them to achieve happier and healthier relationships and those facing challenges who would like to overcome them.

Whether you have a specific problem within your relationship that needs to be resolved or find it difficult to cope with outside pressures on your relationships or internal, communication issues within your relationship, she will help you to overcome any issues and challenges with her unique approach which stems from years of extensive training and experience.

She is passionate about creating change in her clients' lives which results in more fulfilling present and more hopeful and joyful future.

Counselling for Teenagers & Young Adults

Adolescence is a challenging time for many. It is often characterised by change with increased stresses from the family and wider environment such as:
school and achievement pressures, bullying, racism, prejudice, relationships, image issues, self esteem, confidence, moods, anxiety, religion, sexuality, drugs, rule breaking, socio-economic pressures etc.
Young people can benefit enormously from support and encouragement in therapy sessions, developing their acceptance and understanding of the world and helping them to emerge as healthy and happy individuals.

OptiMind Neuro-Coaching

Neuroscience based coaching supports you by encouraging and facilitating your powerful and long lasting neural changes.

(Brain and Mental Health Optimisation)

Transformative Life Coaching

Transformativ Life coaching helps you to establish who you need to be to live the life of your dreams and what qualities you need to develop to achieve your goals.
You will be guided to focus fully on the present and the future by being able to discover and develop your own unique qualities and talents.

Integrative life coaching

Health programmes

We offer comprehensive, tailor made health programmes and protocols for all your indervidule health needs, including:

Weight loss
Stress management
Eating disorders
Fertility issues
Confidence issues

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