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Joy & Wellbeing for women over 40

Have you moved into your 40s and beyond and feeling that you are no longer comfortable in your body or you are gaining weight?

​Are you feeling the effects of hot flushes, irritability, mood swings and emotional sensitivity as you move into your menopausal years?  Have these changes left you feeling frustrated, angry, hopeless, stressed, confused, overwhelmed and tearful? Are you facing loss of health, youth, family members, job, security, choices, independence or self confidence? 

Do you feel stuck in a rut, lacking purpose and direction and not knowing how to start making changes in your life? Do you feel you have lost the  connection to your inner feminine core?

Are you ready to
transform your life?

  • Find out how your diet, lifestyle choices, stress, emotions and mindset are affecting your blood picture and overall health.

  • Your consultation includes live and dry blood microscopy analysis and personalised health programme. Further transformational health and fitness coaching, counselling, hypnotherapy, nutritional and psycho-emotional support are offered to suit your individual needs.

  • Get involved in your own healthcare in meaningful ways to achieve real benefits in your daily life, health, sleep and energy levels.


Receive expert guidance, inspiration, motivation, tools, and resources to support achieving and maintaining glowing health. Get the most from each day of your life and become healthier, happier and more passionately alive!

We are offering you the most effective health solutions available today! 
Call us today for guidance, motivation, inspiration, tools and resources to get the most from each day of your life!


free consultation

Free consultation to assess your health concerns and the effective and rapid solutions offered. 

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Health & wellness coaching

As a health and wellness coach, I am passionate about supporting you with all aspects of your ageing  process, peri menopause, menopause, hormonal problems, emotional wellbeing, nutrition, stress management, psycho- emotional and spiritual  wellbeing and sexuality.  ​

My  extensive knowledge, professional experience, and deep awareness of all aspects of your needs have led me to design a fully comprehensive holistic, integrative and functional wellness strategy to help you with your mindset and goals. ​

How is your health?

Taking full responsibility for your health is crucial and will help increase your libido, energy levels, fitness and self image and also reduce the risk of serious chronic health conditions. ​ The state of your health impacts the way you feel about yourself and  all your relationships emotionally, mentally, physically and sexually. 

Making positive changes

Make it clear in your mind why you want to make healthy changes. The more clarity you have, the more you will be motivated to create healthy changes.
With my support and coaching, your big "why" will stop you from giving up.

A new life

Start today by making commitment to yourself to follow through in implementing all the changes into your daily life. 
Today is full of promise, and possibility.  It is an opportunity to allow yourself to rediscover the best version of you possible. ​


Working with me face to face or Skype as your coach will ensure you have unlimited support, coaching and guidance as a key to unlock your magnificence and full potential. 
I will help you to break through any limiting beliefs.

Packages for women over 40

We are offering you the most effective health solutions available today! 
Call us today for guidance, motivation, inspiration, tools and resources to get the most from each day of your life!








Ian, Bloomsbury

"The best holistic therapist in London! Your commitment to my full body and mind healing has been so inspirational to me. I have learnt more from you in two months than from doctors and books in 25 years."


Samantha, Dublin

"I have been very confused and bewildered by the amount of contradictory health advice out there in the media.
Thank you for your talent to 
simplify, and coaching me through the difficult times."


Tanya, Canonbury

" I really feel that you have honoured all my needs and issues with your health programme - emotional, physical and mental. Awesome results. Very happy and grateful" 

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