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These therapies offer an opportunity to discover a way forward from any difficult or painful point in your life.

Working with an experienced, talented and compassionate therapist, skilled in a wide range of methods and techniques who provides the space to express and release your feelings, will increase your confidence and enable you to work through challenging situations, life crisis and the times of change.

Our work may be long or short term, and is structured within a gentle, supportive environment.



As a skilful and compassionate counsellor and coach, Bianca works with couples and individuals in order to help them to achieve happier and healthier relationships and those facing challenges who would like to overcome them.

Whether you have a specific problem within your relationship that needs to be resolved or find it difficult to cope with outside pressures on your relationships or internal, communication issues within your relationship, she will help you to overcome any issues and challenges with her unique approach which stems from years of extensive training and experience.

She is passionate about creating change in her clients' lives which results in more fulfilling present and more hopeful and joyful future.


Adolescence is a challenging time for many. It is often characterised by change with increased stresses from the family and wider environment such as:
school and achievement pressures, bullying, racism, prejudice, relationships, image issues, self esteem, confidence, moods, anxiety, religion, sexuality, drugs, rule breaking, socio-economic pressures etc.
Young people can benefit enormously from support and encouragement in therapy sessions, developing their acceptance and understanding of the world and helping them to emerge as healthy and happy individuals.

1 hour - Psychotherapy and Counselling

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