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(Testing your IgG antibody reactions to 75 or 150 food ingredients)

Would you like to find out what foods are contributing to your symptoms and making you feel ill? Bianca uses Lorisian Food Intolerance Tests to take your blood sample and has it tested for food specific IgG antibody reactions. You will discover the foods you are reacting to which should then be eliminated from your diet.

Although reactions to foods may not be life threatening, they can make the sufferer feel extremely unwell and may have an impact on your work and social life. Intolerance to a particular food will not always cause symptoms immediately, often taking from a few hours to a few days to show up.

Lorisian has over 30 years of experience in the field of diagnostic testing. Lorisian from YorkTest specialises in providing hospital standard laboratory tests that can help you to optimise your diet, as well as trying to help alleviate any symptoms that you may have.

Tests Available Lorisian | 75 Analyses your IgG antibody reaction to 75 food ingredients Lorisian | 100 Analyses your IgG antibody reaction to 100 food ingredients Lorisian | 150plus Analyses your IgG antibody reaction to over 150 food ingredients Lorisian 150plus | IBS Support Analyses your IgG antibody reaction to over 150 food ingredients and provides a personalised list of low FODMAP foods.

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1 hour - Lorisian Laboratory Food Intolerance Testing and Coaching

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