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As a passionate ecopsychologist, Bianca will explore with you how to forge meaningful links and bonds with nature. Nature viewed and embraced, without judgment, gives one sensations of harmony, relaxation, inner balance, timelessness and stability.
Together we will explore your relationships with the larger natural world and yourself as part of that world. Some of the questions asked will be:
How can you experience and nurture all relationships, allowing them to shape your desires, intentions and behaviours?
How can you strengthen your sense of inner being with a tapestry of life which at times feels remote?
You will attain a much deeper understanding of yourself and the transformative capacity of nature by regaining your ability to relax and recharge your batteries, away from daily stresses and pressure. Psychological and emotional wellbeing will be enhanced and improved as a direct result of developing this ability.

1 hour - Ecopsychology

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