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Food psychology is the newest evolution in Life coaching.
It is a practical, down-to-earth approach that focuses not so much on what you eat but on how your nutritional status and metabolic wellness is influenced by stress, relaxation, thoughts, feelings, beliefs, eating rhythm, pleasure, culture etc.
The healing focus of this approach is on stress psychology, dealing with willpower issues, healing negative body image, overcoming over eating, binge eating and compulsive eating.
You will learn tools and techniques that will enable you to make a real, sustainable and meaningful difference with your weight issues and will help you to overcome compulsive and fear driven eating, stressful eating, fitness, chronic dieting, digestive disorders, fatigue,mood issues , chemical toxicity, food allergies etc.
You will be given some simple, easy to implement psychophysiological exercises and breathing tools to help you overcome self imposed dietary imbalances and re- direct self sabotaging food behaviours.

1 hour - Food psychology coaching (Healing food addictions)

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