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The theory of NLP in based on three layers of understanding:
NEURO - establishing our individual mental map of the world
LINGUISTIC - how we assign personal meaning to information
PROGRAMMING - our behavioural response to the former.

We will use this powerful form of brief psychotherapy that taps into your subconscious mind, breaks destructive behavioural patterns and enables transformation to take place in your life.

NLP is a highly effective, proven technology that fosters self awareness and personal growth. As we make sense of our world, interpreting our experiences, we create our own models of reality. We operate in the world on the basis of our models, rather than on reality itself. We begin to implicitly presuppose things and act accordingly. NLP facilitates a greater understanding of yourself and your world, to know who you are and to have a sense of purpose, drive and direction.

Whether you wish to enhance your performance or resolve and leave behind your old issues, NLP sessions can be profoundly helpful and life changing. Your own unique treatment protocol will be tailored to your own individual requirements which will be continually re-evaluated in the light of your improved state of being.

1 hour - NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming)

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