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As a highly trained and experienced Nutritional Therapist Bianca specialises in advanced preventative and anti-ageing medicine, weight loss and chronic medical conditions.

A full assessment of your overall health and nutritional status, which includes your constitution, fitness level, lifestyle, mental outlook, emotional state and spiritual awareness. By bringing all these areas into balance, vibrant health can be restored and maintained. Individually prescribed dietary and lifestyle changes are recommended and a full follow-up support provided.

The first step towards reaching the optimum health and fitness level is  resolving bio-chemical imbalances in the body with an individually tailored eating plan that can be applied to all areas of your life and, most of all, one that is delicious and enjoyable!

You will learn how to fully nourish your mind and your body.

The results will astonish you!

You will have more energy, your level of fitness will improve, you will achieve and maintain your ideal weight, as well as more motivation, pain control, improved memory, focused mind and balanced emotions.



- Weight loss

- Increased energy levels

- Better digestion, absorption and elimination of food

- Stronger immune system

- Look and feel younger

- Lower blood pressure

- Improved mood

- Increased concentration

1 hour - Nutritional Therapy

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